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Welcome to the rising startup scene in Washington D.C.!

As the capital of the United States and home to a diverse array of industries, Washington D.C. is an ideal location for entrepreneurs and startups to thrive. In recent years, the startup scene in D.C. has experienced tremendous growth, with numerous successful companies and innovative ideas emerging from the city.

As the startup scene continues to rise in D.C., there is an increasing need for executive assistance to support company leaders and C-suites in their pursuit of success. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or the CEO of a rapidly growing company, managing the demands of your business can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

We help simplify and organize, so you can focus on the important things

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Plug play

Plug & Play

Headroom makes it easy with monthly, flexible memberships to our remote Personal Assistant service. Our personal executive assistants are trained, managed and employed by us so you don’t have to add them to your payroll. You can plug-in and start playing, we’ll take care of the rest.

Expert eas

Expert Assistants

Our team of educated and ambitious personal assistants are up to 25% faster than traditionally trained PAs. Which means more tasks get completed per hour and your life gets easier.

Eu us support

EU & US continuous support

Our network of personal assistants use proprietary software that allows them to securely share knowledge with each other. When you start the week in Washington D.C. and finish it in Paris, your PA team will match your area & time zone.

Exclusive access

Exclusive Access

Members at Headroom have access to a private network of highly successful entrepreneurs & C-suites looking to unlock possibilities and build new connections.

How it works

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Step 1

Interested in becoming a Member?

Headroom gives you access to an exclusive community of successful CEOs in Washington D.C. and entrepreneurs worldwide who share values and a similar work ethics. You can schedule a 30-min. consultation to discuss needs, questions and see if there is a good fit. Afterwards, you can apply for one of our memberships.

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Step 2

Apply for membership

Once your membership application has been accepted, we will assemble your dedicated personal assistant team, local to Washington D.C. Next to that, you will discuss your profile, goals, tasks, preferences and other important information during a Deep Dive. You don’t need to prepare this, we got it.

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Step 3

Access. Deep Dive. Go!

You activate a business email account with Teams or Slack for your new EAs to work and communicate from with you and your team. This enhances team work, communication and data security. Once your Headroom personal assistant has access, we start crushing your to-do list within 24 hours.

All our plans are packed with

  • Expert Assistance Mo-Fr from 09:00 – 18:00 hours
  • Continuous support / Assistant holiday and sickness cover
  • Weekly reporting & overview
  • Best practices by our community
  • Seamless communication via Ilh zoom video  Gmail logo Microsoft office outlook (2018–present).svg email  Ilh slack chat  5fb6d3336e2d460004a5e31f notion and phone
  • Access to Headroom’s collective expertise
  • Up to one extra day per week freed up

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Our secret sauce

We're really good at this, because we've been doing it for 10 years.

We created the world’s 1st platform for personal assistants to take them to the next level. Thanks to our  proprietary software & Academy, Headroom PAs can securely manage their work, share knowledge and keep learning.

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