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If you don’t have an executive assistant, you are an executive assistant

Executive Assistants working together to solve problem in an office

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t have an executive assistant, you are an executive assistant.

While you could be spending your time growing your business, you’re processing your receipts and booking trips yourself. You surely can carry out all these tasks easily, but why should you?

At Headroom, we believe that entrepreneurs and executives like you can unlock their full potential only when they focus on doing what they do best, using their unique strengths.

I am a trained Headroom Executive Assistant working with CEOs and founders of cool fast growing companies like Otrium and GetSetUp.

My goal is to help you achieve yours.


Let me show you.

Fulfill deadlines and appointments

Scheduling appointments and meetings may seem easy, but it often takes more time than you think and can get very complicated. I always make sure that everything is planned in such a way that the week for my entrepreneur goes as smoothly as possible. I find it very important to ensure the process and my workflow also works for the person I assist and it is tailored to their specific preferences and needs. This way, my clients are ultimately more productive and their week becomes less stressful, without having to deal with a lot of extra work.

At Headroom we update our members daily on what has been taken care of and what is still outstanding, so they know exactly where they stand. Every week we also have a call to discuss current to do’s, planning and goals.

Let go of things and delegate

Overloaded as an entrepreneur? Then something isn’t working. When you are just starting your business, you still do everything yourself – the famous Entrepreneur Grind -. But as your business grows, it is important to delegate tasks and to trust your staff to take care of them. This lets you focus on what is really expected from you: envision a strategy that will make your company successful on the long term!

As an EA, I take care of your admin and to do list. So you can focus on the things that really add value to the company.

Strike a good balance between work and private life

Finally, it is very important that I ensure the entrepreneurs I assist reach the right balance between work and private life. How? I take a critical look at incoming calendar invites that need to be scheduled outside of the regular appointments and act as a gatekeeper when needed. For example, I advise entrepreneurs on how to better manage their time, by not scheduling appointments on certain days and blocking off slots for focus, sport and some quality social time. When a meeting request comes in, I ask myself “is this so important that it should disrupt my member’s time off?” Often the answer is “not really”. And that’s how I maintain the right work life balance for our Headroom members.

Are you ready to unlock more time in a day?

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