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Plug play

Plug & Play

Headroom makes it easy with monthly, flexible memberships to our remote Executive Assistant service. Our EAs are trained, managed and employed by us so you don’t have to add them to your payroll. You can plug-in and start playing, we’ll take care of the rest.

Expert eas

Expert EAs

Our team of educated and ambitious Assistants are up to 25% faster than traditionally trained EAs. Which means more tasks get completed per hour and your life gets easier.

Eu us support

EU & US continuous support

Our network of EAs use proprietary software that allows them to securely share knowledge with each other. When you start the week in New York and finish it in Paris, your EA team will match your area & time zone.

Exclusive access

Exclusive Access

Members at Headroom have access to a private network of highly successful entrepreneurs & C-suites looking to unlock possibilities and build new connections.

Get started

Start working with our Executive Assistants – in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Interested in becoming a Member?

Headroom gives you access to an exclusive community of worldwide successful CEOs and entrepreneurs who share values and a similar work ethics. You can schedule a 30-min. consultation to discuss needs, questions and see if there is a good fit. Afterwards, you can apply for one of our memberships.

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Step 2

Apply for membership

Once your membership application has been accepted, we will assemble your dedicated EA team and introduce them to you and your team. Next to that, you will discuss your profile, goals, tasks, preferences and other important information during a Deep Dive. You don’t need to prepare this, we got it.

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Step 3

Access. Deep Dive. Go!

You activate a business email account with Teams or Slack for your new EAs to work and communicate from with you and your team. This enhances team work, communication and data security. Once your Headroom EA has access, we start crushing your to-do list within 24 hours.

A proven workflow

We're really good at this, because we've been doing it for 10 years.

We created the world’s 1st platform for Executive Assistants to take them to the next level. Thanks to our  proprietary software & Academy, Headroom EAs can securely manage their work, share knowledge and keep learning.

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Think about all the tasks we can do, and more


Inbox, calendars, travel, to-do lists, goals and teams

Questions? See all FAQs

With our proven Inbox Zero method:

  • We process your inbox twice a day and provide a clear to-do list organized by priority
  • Calendars are synchronized more efficiently
  • You receive reminders for important emails
  • We unsubscribe you from and clean up unwanted e-mails
  • Review weekly & long-term goals
  • Realize your ideal working week with fixed focus and meeting days
  • Handle all scheduling requests
  • Coordinate internal and external scheduling
  • Organize one-time and recurring events
  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling
  • Create travel itineraries and add them to your calendar
  • Book all travel and accommodations
  • Find the hottest local hotels, bars, restaurants and museum based on our EA knowledge wiki
  • Make restaurant reservations based on your preferences

You will know exactly where to be, when, and how best to get there. We will also make sure that your boarding passes and other important documents are always easily available. And don’t worry about incoming calls or emails during your trip… we will take care of it.

  • Take notes during important team/board meetings
  • Keep time and ensure agenda is followed
  • Follow up with worked-out notes & action lists
  • Save and organize documents & contracts
  • Manage expense tracking
  • Process business cards

Work-Life Balance

Personal tasks to help your team balance their work and life to unlock their best selves.

See membership plans

Whether you are looking for the best nanny, a reliable plumber or a new gym, we are at your side. Finding the right supplier often takes more time than you think.

With years of experience in the field, we know many of the best services around and would love to find the right one for you.

We will provide you with a travel plan and options most suitable to your needs and preferences to ensure your weekend getaways and trips are as perfect as they should. All you have to do is give the go-ahead and pack your suitcase when it’s time to go.

A wedding, the birth of a child or a 20-year anniversary are special moments in one’s life and they are worth celebrating. But with all the pressure of day-to-day work it can be very tricky to think of the perfect gift. Your Headroom EA can help you with this.


Unlock possibilities

What would you do with an extra day each week?

Get in touch today, and find out how Headroom can help simplify your life and unlock new possibilities.

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