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Focus on what you do best, your Headroom Assistant takes care of the rest


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Mind-blowingly good assistants

Get the benefits of a vetted assistant without recruitment & managing headaches.

Headroom Assistants are 25% faster than traditional assistants. Which means they complete more tasks in less time and you get back more time.

All Headroom Assistants go through rigorous, ongoing training on the latest tools and productivity techniques. Our Headroom Coaches ensure your assistant delivers A+ support and develops professionally.

With Headroom you’re getting more than just an extra set of hands, you’re getting our whole team dedicated to crushing your task list.

Our network of Assistants use a proprietary platform to securely share knowledge with each other and continue to support you even when your primary Headroom Assistant is away.

Flexible plans, endless possibilities

Emails, meetings, travel, to-do lists. You name it, we do it.

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With our proven Inbox Zero method:

  • We process your inbox twice a day and provide a clear to-do list organized by priority
  • Calendars are synchronized more efficiently
  • You receive reminders for important emails
  • We unsubscribe you from and clean up unwanted e-mails
  • Review weekly & long-term goals
  • Realize your ideal working week with fixed focus and meeting days
  • Handle all scheduling requests
  • Coordinate internal and external scheduling
  • Organize one-time and recurring events
  • Manage cancellations and rescheduling
  • Create travel itineraries and add them to your calendar
  • Book all travel and accommodations
  • Find the hottest local hotels, bars, restaurants and museum based on our EA knowledge wiki
  • Make restaurant reservations based on your preferences

You will know exactly where to be, when, and how best to get there. We will also make sure that your boarding passes and other important documents are always easily available. And don’t worry about incoming calls or emails during your trip… we will take care of it.

  • Take notes during important team/board meetings
  • Keep time and ensure agenda is followed
  • Follow up with worked-out notes & action lists
  • Save and organize documents & contracts
  • Manage expense tracking
  • Process business cards

From Busy to Balanced

Delegate personal tasks and focus more on what you love.

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Finding the right supplier often takes more time than you think.

Whether you are looking for the best nanny, a reliable plumber or a new gym, we are at your side.

With years of experience in the field, we know many of the best services around and would love to find the right one for you.

We will provide you with a travel plan and options most suitable to your needs and preferences to ensure your weekend getaways and trips are as perfect as they should. All you have to do is give the go-ahead and pack your suitcase when it’s time to go.

A wedding, the birth of a child or a 20-year anniversary are special moments in one’s life and they are worth celebrating. But with all the pressure of day-to-day work it can be very tricky to think of the perfect gift. Your Headroom EA can help you with this.

Get started

Start working with our Executive Assistants – with 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Need an Assistant? Let's talk

We jump on a quick exploratory call. You tell us what you’re looking to delegate and what your requirements are. We advise you on the best Executive Assistant solution for you.

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Step 2

Meet your Headroom Assistant

After you sign your monthly plan, we will assemble your dedicated team (2-3 Assistants). During your Kick-off call you’ll discuss tasks, preferences, priorities and important stakeholders with your Headroom Assistant.

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Step 3

Start delegating

Your Headroom Assistant will start crushing your task list straightaway: Emails, meeting scheduling, business trips, you name it. And don’t worry about management, training and admin: we take care of it.