5 ways a Remote Executive Assistant can help this holiday season

5 ways a Remote Executive Assistant can help you this holiday season

Executive Assistant and CEO organizing for holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Are you eagerly looking forward to some down time but don’t want to miss out on end-of-the-year deals and opportunities?

Feeling like the gift list and the endless “Happy holidays to you and family” emails are creeping up on you?

Our Headroom EAs share 5 simple ways a remote executive assistant can help you this holiday season. In this way, you’ll make sure nothing falls through the chimney crack.

Let’s dive in.

1. Learn from the past and automate for the future

After a few years of planning holidays and falling for the same mistakes, you might realize some recurrent tasks are likely to be repeated year over year.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there any family member with special dietary requirements who wouldn’t be able to appreciate your generous gift basket?
  • Do you regularly go to a specific restaurant over winter break and always struggle to find a free table?
  • Is it a tradition for you to rent a cabin in the mountain with friends over New Year’s Eve?
  • Does your CMO always complain that everyone forgets their birthday on the 26th of December?

Now put together a checklist of everything that you had to do last holiday season and see where you and your EA can automate and streamline. This will make future planning more efficient and predictable.

2. Keep track of what’s coming up in your calendar

Logging off for a well-deserved break between December and January? Go through your upcoming commitments & calendar events with your EA to make sure they move things forward while you’re away.

Maybe you have an important event to attend shortly after you’re back from holiday; or you’re expected to send out some documents to your board members early 2023; whatever it is, your executive assistant can keep track of deadlines, follow up on tasks and give you a clear overview of where every project is at as soon as you’re back online.

3. Schedule some screen time – and some me time

Need to personally check your emails during holiday? Ask your EA to schedule some screen time for you during your week off. But make sure you get enough time away from all your business commitments. Research shows it takes on average eight days of proper holiday to start feeling the benefits of a break. If you keep interrupting your time off, it’ll take longer for you to recharge.

Checklist to get ready for holiday season with your EA

4. Step up your Christmas card & Gift game

Share a list of all the people and business contacts you should or would like to send a greeting card to to wish them a cozy holiday season. Your EA will make sure your shareholders, partners & friends receive a personalized one.

To send group greeting cards, we often use Groupgreeting or Kudoboard. For gifts, you can check out Ongoody (there are not affiliate links, Headroom EAs recommended these!).

5. Take that time off

If you commit to taking some time off for yourself and your loved ones, make sure you do. This is the only time of the year most of the world and industry slows down to rest and reset. So don’t miss this opportunity to recharge and refocus on your goals and resolutions for 2023.

Diving into a hobby or activity that isn’t your business can also help you get into “the flow”, a state of deep focus while doing an engaging task. Achieving a flow state without distractions can help you boost productivity, improve emotional regulation and sense of achievement. So brush off your old tennis rack or backing tools and get into the zone!

Your Remote Executive Assistants can help you this holiday season

From managing organizational details more efficiently to giving you time to focus on growing your business, it’s clear that working with an executive assistant can add a lot of value to your business, and help you skyrocket productivity. 

Even more so during holiday season, when things get hectic before slowing down.

Ask your executive assistant team how they can proactively help you during Christmas: they will be happy to review your calendar and to-do’s and advise you on how to set healthy boundaries to fully enjoy the winter break.

Find out how a remote executive assistant can add value to your company.

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