Case Study | Geerte Hesen | CFO - Executive

Case Study – Geerte Hesen | CLO / Executive

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, executives often struggle with managing their schedules and maximizing productivity. This case study delves into how Headroom Assistance helped Geerte Hesen, a Chief Legal Officer and Executive, regain her focus and improve her time management skills.

The Challenge

We asked Geerte what her main challenge was that made her look for an Executive Assistant. Geerte had to reduce spending and needed to let go of her permanent assistant. However, the need for comprehensive support, including board assistance and agenda management, remained critical.

The solution

Headroom Assistance emerged as the preferred choice due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing the need for support tailored to Geerte’s evolving requirements, Headroom offered a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the demands of a high-level executive.

What actions did Headroom take to tackle the client’s challenges?

”My Headroom EA – Esma – provided excellent board support and facilitated efficient communication through inbox management and meeting scheduling.”

In this way, Geerte had more time to take care of other important things for her and her business, and we were aligning with her objectives.

What were the results of implementing Headroom Assistance?

Using Headroom Assistance really made a difference for Geerte. Her performance and productivity got a boost, especially when it came to staying organized and being more responsive, like managing their inbox better.

When we asked Geerte if she would recommend Headroom, she responded with a big YES! praising the service and the value of Headroom’s commitment to excellence and personalized support.

Are you struggling with time management, focus, or acting as your own assistant? Let’s get in touch and see how Headroom can meet your demands, without any obligation.

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