Case Study | Mascha Taminiau | Director Walibi

Case Study – Mascha Taminiau | Director Walibi Holland

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Meet Mascha Taminiau, the Director of Walibi Holland for over 16 years. Walibi is one of the Netherlands’ most famous amusement parks.

The Challenge

Being the head of such a popular park, Mascha faced significant challenges in managing her workload efficiently. It wasn’t all fun and games for her at the beginning

”I had too much work, too little time, and couldn’t seem to find the right support.”

Why did you choose a Headroom Assistant?

Mascha decided to try out a Headroom Assistant because having someone in the office all the time could be distracting. She wanted support that would keep her focused and efficient.

According to Mascha, “An in-house EA can quickly get busy with things that aren’t part of their job. With Headroom, the physical distance helped me and my EA to stay focused.”

Teaming up with a Headroom Assistant turned out to be a game-changer for Mascha. She could hand off tasks to her assistant, leaving her free to tackle the big stuff.

“My EA is friendly but persistent when necessary,” Mascha said. “And I never have to explain things twice.”

Together, they found new ways of working, like using special tools for projects and having regular check-in calls.

“We use a ‘teamfile’ for long-term projects and Teams for quick check-ins,” Mascha explained. “Once a week, we have an actionable alignment call.”

Plus, they made sure to look out for each other’s well-being, even though they stayed focused on work.

The results?

Working with her Headroom Assistant made a big difference for Mascha. She felt less stressed and could finally relax during her vacations, knowing her assistant had things under control.

“I notice I have more peace and quiet in mind, so I can focus more on important matters,” Mascha shared. “For the first time in years, I was able to let my work go during my holidays, knowing my Headroom EA was filtering and handling incoming issues.”

With the day-to-day tasks taken care of, Mascha could enjoy some well-deserved time off without worrying about work.

Are you struggling with time management, focus, or acting as your own assistant? Let’s get in touch and see how Headroom can meet your demands, without any obligation.

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