Case Study | Annemarie Bloemen | Partner at De Roos Advocaten

Case study: The successful partnership with De Roos Advocaten

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In the fast-paced legal world, managing schedules and maintaining productivity can be a significant challenge for partners in law firms. Assistants play a key role in this, but there is a growing shortage of good Executive support.

De Roos Advocaten looked for ways to organize Partner support differently; more flexibly and better. Without all the HR headaches and costs often associated with adding staff to the payroll. They turned to Headroom to solve this for them and offer daily EA support for their valuable Partners to help them focus on what they do best and increase their ROIs, productivity, and employee happiness. This case study explores how Headroom Assistance helps Annemarie, a partner at De Roos Advocaten, achieve greater balance and efficiency in her professional and personal life.

The Challenge

Annemarie faced multiple challenges that led her to consider the support of an Executive Assistant. Her primary needs included efficient inbox and calendar management, admin stuff, seamless communication with her team, and the integration of her private life into her work schedule.

The solution

Headroom Assistance stood out as the optimal solution for Annemarie due to its tailored and thorough support services. Understanding her specific needs, Headroom provided a dedicated EA team to address her requirements.

“My colleagues suggested Headroom. We needed flexibility on the one hand and experience on the other. That’s exactly what we got, which made it easier to delegate tasks.”

I highly recommend Headroom Assistance. They are fast, professional, and excellent communicators. I felt supported from day one.”

What actions did Headroom take to tackle Annemarie’s challenges?

  • Inbox and calendar management: Annemarie’s EA takes full control of her inbox and calendar, ensuring all emails are handled efficiently and her schedule is carefully managed.
  • Integration of personal matters: The EA seamlessly integrated Annemarie’s personal appointments into her work calendar, ensuring no conflicts and all details were considered.
  • Team communication: Effective communication within Annemarie’s team is facilitated by the EA, ensuring smooth collaboration and coordination.
  • Administrative tasks: These include updating the CRM system, creating invoices and working with tools such as Microsoft Suite, Hubspot, Jira, Pipedrive, and many more. 
  • Daily updates: Annemarie receives daily updates, keeping her informed and enabling her to focus on high-priority tasks without losing track of ongoing matters.

The results

Annemarie shared that she had worked with secretaries before but never experienced support at this level. Her EA team quickly became operational and began delivering exceptional service. The management of her inbox proved to be a game-changer, significantly boosting her productivity and peace of mind.

“The weekly call on Monday provides clarity for the rest of the week. During the week, I can reach my EA through different channels, that helps!”

Also, the integration of private appointments into her work calendar, complete with all necessary details, ensured a seamless flow between her professional and personal life. This new structure and organization not only benefited Annemarie but also positively impacted her team and family.

“My EA ensures for thinking space, even in very busy weeks – this helps with getting meaningful work done.”


Headroom Assistance has improved Annemarie’s work-life balance and efficiency. The professional and dedicated support has provided her with greater peace and structure, making a noticeable difference in both her professional and personal life.

“You can better outsource your administrative tasks to experts!”

Are you facing challenges in managing your time and staying organized? Let’s get in touch and explore how Headroom Assistance can help you achieve your goals without any obligation.

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