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EA Virginia on How to Succeed as a Headroom EA

EA Virginia on how to succeed as Headroom EA

For our Headroom Heads series, we sat down with Headroom EA Virginia Pedrozo to chat about her assistant career, what her favorite productivity tools are, and the key skills you need to be a great Headroom EA.

Hey Virginia! First things first: when did your EA journey start and how?

My first job as an EA was in 2005. I started as a receptionist at a medical company and was promoted in a matter of months to work directly with the owner. From there, I took a technical course on secretarial skills (as it was called a long time ago) and started climbing up the EA ladder until I reached C-level assistance.

I’ve also combined a few different roles with the EA role, such as Human Resources Coordinator, Project Management, and Marketing. On top of that, I’ve worked for all kinds of companies and industries (from fashion to pharmaceutical). After having a baby in 2020, my career turned fully remote and it’s been great being able to have more work-life balance and time with my family. Then Headroom crossed my path end of 2021 and it was an instant match!

What’s your favorite thing about headroom?

My favorite thing about Headroom is that it provides a great work-life balance. Headroom encourages a healthy workload, time for breaks, and great team support.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting their EA career at Headroom?

I would tell them to really hone into their multi-tasking and attention to detail skills. Those are the two biggest skills you really need to perfect since you will work with multiple people from different companies (and toggle back and forth between inboxes/calendars).

It’s important to be able to organize and prioritize your tasks in a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t forget to ask for help when needed! 

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The coolest or most unusual task you’ve ever helped an executive with?

I wouldn’t say unusual, but one of the tasks I really enjoyed was organizing an International Leadership Meeting which included things like travel, catering, presentations, employee swag, and researching fun things to do! 

A productivity tool or hack you can’t do without/everyone should use:

Definitely a project management tool such as Trello or Asana. We currently use Headroom’s proprietary tool which is really great and helps keep me organized and on top of things.

Anything else you’d like to add or would like to share with fellow EAs? Go wild!

Never forget that your role is really important. You can truly make a huge difference in people’s lives and there’s always room to grow as an EA! Never stop learning and trying to improve.

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