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How much time and revenue can you earn back with an executive assistant service? We’ve done the math

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Did you know that emails and administration tasks can take up to 28% of your working day? That’s roughly 2.6 hours every day or 1.5 work days a week.

Put another way, that’s a week per month spent juggling meetings, processing invoices, and replying to endless email chains.

As a tech executive, don’t you think your time would be better spent strategizing on how to keep growing your company?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place. And you’re not alone. Many startup founders and executives have turned to remote executive assistant services like Headroom to delegate admin work to the pros.

But if you’re still thinking, “I’m not that bad at sending emails. How much could an executive assistant really save me?” Keep reading. We’ve done the math for you below.

How Headroom executive assistants save time and earn you more revenue

Why should you trust us to do the math for you? Well, we’ve been training and working with talented executive assistants for more than 10 years. In this time, we’ve supported hundreds of fast-growing companies just like yours with their executive assistance needs, developing best practices and sharing our knowledge along the way.

Here are the top 3 reasons Headroom members tell us we’re helping them save time, and resources, and freeing up executives to focus on business growth.

You don’t have to hire or train anyone

According to the Society of Human Resources Management, it takes an average of 36 business days to hire a new employee — probably longer if the role you’re looking to fill is more senior or requires the technical expertise that you would expect a good EA to have.

Then there are the costs associated with in-house employees, such as benefits, sick leave, and vacation time. 

And what about the costs of recruiting, including recruiter remuneration, recruitment ads and marketing, background checks, and onboarding and training? 

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says that all these costs can amount to $7,645 USD. And that’s not even including an annual salary (a good EA’s average salary can be $85,000).

At Headroom, we do the hiring for you. That is, we recruit, hire, train, and manage the best executive assistants we can find. They become part of our team and are not just contractors. So you get the benefits of working with a dedicated full-time EA team without incurring the costs and HR headaches. 

You’re free to just plug and play.

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You’ll pay a lower hourly rate than your own

An average C-level salary works out to around $200 an hour. So if you’re spending 13 hours a week on email and admin tasks, that means you’re spending $2,600 a week.

On the other hand, a Headroom membership costs you $4,500 per month for up to 60 hours, which works out to roughly $75 per hour. That works out to $975 per week for the same amount of work — a savings of $1,625 per week.

Except our EAs will manage your admin tasks more efficiently than you ever could. So they’ll not only cost you less per hour, but they’ll get more work done in those hours (more on that in our next point).

Does your business include more than one C-suite executive? They’re probably in the same boat as you — letting too much of their valuable time get eaten up by admin tasks.

If they also hire remote executive assistants through Headroom, you can start to multiply those freed-up hours even further. 13 hours more a week to spend on executive decisions could really shift the needle for your company’s revenues. And those savings could soon turn into something big, like a down payment on new office space.

But maybe you’re thinking, “I could simply use a virtual assistant agency or even a contractor through a vetting agency” And sure, you could. But, in our opinion, the savings cap out at a certain point. 

What you’d be saving in billable hours you’d be paying for in another way. Because when you hire a freelance or contract virtual assistant, that’s all you get: one single person to help you out. They are probably a great addition to your team, but you’ll have no support if they suddenly get sick or decide to take another job.

Instead, with a  Headroom membership, you’ll always have access to an extra set of hands — an entire EA team who is dedicated to crushing your task list and who can guarantee consistent service. And this way you can earn back time and generate consistent revenue.

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You’ll have someone dedicated to efficiency

Thanks to our very own EA management software at Headroom, we can keep track of the time spent by our assistants on each task. One of the most interesting things this software showed us was that thanks to the rigorous training mentioned in our first point, Headroom EAs take only 55 minutes a day per executive to sort out their inboxes. Compare that to the 2.6 hours spent on average by everyone else. 

That frees up 1.5h more hours for your EA to focus on other admin tasks — much more efficient than you spending your own time (at roughly $200 per hour) taking longer to send emails.

How are they so efficient? It’s literally their job to be. But also, through ongoing training, knowledge sharing, and our top-secret (but very well-proven) Inbox Zero method (ask us more about this here).

In fact, our highly trained and tech-enabled assistants are up to 25% more efficient than the average EA, which means more tasks get completed per hour — and your company is not even paying the costs associated with an in-house, full-time employee. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Still unsure whether it’s time for you to take the leap? Read the 5 signs that you’re ready to work with an executive assistant.

Conclusion: don’t wait to try a remote executive assistance service like Headroom

From managing organizational details more efficiently, to giving you time to focus on growing your business, the time and cost savings associated with working with a remote executive assistant are clear. 

We might be biased, but why not start with Headroom? We’re a remote executive assistant service that offers flexible monthly memberships and continuous support throughout the EU & US. And, as we already mentioned, our EAs are trained to be 25% faster than traditionally trained assistants.

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