HeadFirst CEO Marion von Happen joins Headroom Advisory Board

Headroom Assistance adds to its Advisory Board Marion Van Happen, CEO of HeadFirst Group

Marion van Happen Board member Headroom

Headroom Assistance Inc. – 30 Sept. 2022 – Headroom offers Remote Executive Assistance to C-suites and Founders throughout Europe and the United States of America. Today it announced that Marion Van Happen, former COO of RGF Staffing (formerly USG People) and current CEO of HeadFirst Group, has joined Headroom’s Advisory Board.

Marion Van Happen has over twenty years of experience in HR services, staffing and recruitment in various commercial and management positions in Europe. She has been coaching female leaders on their growth mindset for many years and holds supervisory boards in multiple successful companies.

Says Marion, “Headroom envisions a technology driven remote service growing towards a full set of solutions for any company to tap into the growing demand in use of technology and upgrading skills and productivity.

The drive and growth mindset of Kristel and her team is amazing. So I’m truly looking forward to helping Headroom roll out their global strategy.” 

Says Kristel Kuit, Headroom’s CEO and founder, “We are incredibly proud and excited that Marion is joining our Advisory Board. With her track record in the HR and recruitment sector, she is a perfect match for Headroom. Together, we look forward to further expanding our position as a technology and innovation-driven remote EA service.”

Marion joins Neil D’Souza and Bryce Roberts as Board Advisors. Together with Headroom’s leadership team, they have been working closely to ensure the worldwide impact of the company.

About Headroom

Headroom Assistance Inc. was founded in 2012 with the vision to create an environment where Assistants and Executives come together and unlock their best work. Since then, we’ve become one of the leading providers of remote executive assistance to ambitious executives and startup founders.

We’re committed to make a positive impact on the lives of our Members, their businesses and the people around them, one task at a time. With our proprietary task management software and EA academy we raise both Executives and Executive Assistants to the next level.

For more information about Headroom, please visit us at headroomassistance.com.

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