Case Study | Gijs Vroom | Managing Director Emerce

How Managing Director Gijs Vroom of Emerce made better use of his time thanks to Headroom.

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Meet Gijs Vroom, managing director of Emerce and became Headroom member in October 2023 and reclaim an average of 25-30 hours every month with his Headroom Assistant.

How we improved Gijs’s way of working. What was the challenge?

“Suddenly, the PA you’ve been working with for seven years is gone. Your entire system is built on collaboration with a PA who handles a thousand things you don’t need to worry about. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on what’s important for the company you’re building: strategy, partnerships, and your teams. Of course, you want to hire someone quickly to take over the role, but in the current market, this is a challenge. Where do you find the type of support you’ve relied on for so long?”

How did Headroom help with this challenge?

“Headroom was able to step into the gap immediately. Honestly, I had a little chuckle when I could tell my team, ‘Don’t worry, everything is covered, and Charlotte will take over within 2 weeks.’ But she really did! Headroom was operational in no time. They even improved my way of working with an even better inbox strategy than we already had. Charlotte and her colleagues are proactive, forward-thinking, and handle everything you throw at them.

I highly recommend Headroom Assistance. They are fast, professional, and excellent communicators. I felt supported from day one.”

Are you struggling with time management, focus, or acting as your own assistant? Let’s get in touch and see how Headroom can meet your demands, without any obligation.

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