Member story | How Marc unlocked his potential with Headroom

How VP Product Marc van Agteren unlocked his potential with a Headroom assistant

  • Serial entrepreneur who realized hyper growth
  • Lives in Europe with cross functional teams in US
  • Husband & father
  • Joined Headroom in 2018, together with the entire C-suite team

Headroom helps executives unlock more time in a day

From busy

  • Long working hours
  • Unstructured agenda
  • Overflowing inbox
  • Time spent on non-executive tasks

To structured

  • 6 hours earned a week
  • Zero inbox
  • 25% more room in his agenda
  • Daily and weekly plans and overviews
  • More time with family
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"Headroom is the perfect EA business solution: continuous support by EA experts without having to hire them." Marc | Former VP Product and CEO
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