Get started with Executive Assistants in 3 Steps

Get started with Headroom Executive Assistants in 3 Steps

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What working with a remote Headroom EA can do for you

Just as the professional world has expanded due to the remote workforce, so have job responsibilities for executive assistants. The modern executive assistant is no longer just responsible for taking dictation and answering the phone. Take our Headroom executive assistants: they take over many different tasks for executives like you:

  • Helping you reach Inbox Zero every day
  • Realizing your ideal work-week around your peak productivity hours
  • Arranging meetings, preparing agenda, minutes and follow-ups

Are just a few examples of what our expert remote executive assistants can do for you. Just imagine the possibilities we can help you unlock!

Eager to get started with Headroom Executive Assistants? Follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons

When you build a business, you do all the work yourself in the beginning. There is simply no one else to pick it up. But as your company grows and you go through successful rounds of funding, priorities shift and your time becomes more and more limited – and valuable.

Are you in this high-growth stage right now?

The the first step is to take a critical look at the work you do and ask yourself: “what can I add value to? What are my core responsibilities?”.

An EA is there to take over non-executive tasks and help you get a grip of your own time and work-life balance. So you can do more building (and unwinding) and focus on strategic actions that will drive your company forward.

Signing up to a monthly Headroom membership is the last time you’ll have to do administrative tasks yourself!

Step 2: Set your expectations and preferences straight during our Kick-off meeting

When you are no longer involved in tasks where you do not add value, you become more productive, you have more focus and you achieve more growth and happiness. Your Headroom EA team takes over tasks from you, so that you can focus on what really matters. 

To truly understand what your needs and preferences are, we always schedule an onboarding video call between you and your new primary EA. During this Kick-off meeting, we discuss your personal preferences, ideal working week and how you’d like to work together.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to prepare much in advance: for once, you can let someone else take the lead.

Your Headroom EA team will guide you through how your work together will look like with specific questions. They will also help you set up an email account from your company domain and a secure Password vault. So we can make sure we keep your data safe at all times.

During the Kick-off call, we will cover:

  1. INTRO 
    1. Meet your Headroom primary EA
    2. How we work: our Headroom software and internal learning Academy
    1. Your goals and background
    2. How you’d like to communicate, cadence, channels and tool stack
    1. Do you need help with Inbox / Calendar / Meetings / Admin / Travel?
      Who are the key stakeholders and contacts we should know? What airlines do you like to fly with? Do you need help with personal to do’s? Do you have any dietary requirements?

Thanks to our remote working method, tech knowledge and personal touch, you can plug and play within 2 days, while we take care of setting up your profile and start crushing your to do list.

To make sure your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible, read our detailed guide on how to successfully onboard a new EA.

Headroom executive assistant integrated platform

Step 3: Start earning back your time

What can you expect after your first weeks?

  • Your mailbox has never looked so organized and your to do’s are relevant and actionable
  • Your calendar for the coming week is clearly planned, with enough focus time
  • Invoices are all processed
  • You receive an overview of outstanding tasks to prioritize the following week
  • Your EA team can schedule weekly check-ins with you
  • Your dedicated account manager is always at hand for an evaluation call

The result? You now have time for the important and creative tasks, you can step up your executive game again while you experience more peace. Because you know you can count on your Headroom EA to think along with you and work proactively. 

Get used to it, this is the new normal.

Are you ready to take your company and work-life balance to the next level?

We all have different goals, ambitions, and challenges.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur or executive, it’s likely that your business goals and personal goals are closely aligned. You want to focus on the activities you like best and those that bring in the most revenue for your company. In order to do that, you need someone to take care of the rest.

Headroom Assistance offer premium Executive Assistance service to ambitious C-suites and founders. If you want someone else to manage your calendar and emails, someone who knows you and how much time you need to finish work on projects, someone who can keep track of projects, someone who can keep an eye on what needs your attention so that they don’t fall through the cracks, then Headroom Assistance might just be the right fit for you.

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