What rebranding means for Headroom assistance and for you

Unlocking possibilities: here is what our Headroom rebranding means for you

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So, we did a thing.

Headroom has set foot in the US in the past months and is now successfully operational with a local EA team and Member community!

Going intercontinental is a big step, we won’t lie. That’s why we wanted to start off the right way this year.

So we decided to rebrand ourselves!

To make sure the look and feel of our brand matches what we always stand for: innovation, human focus and best-in-class executive assistance.

As you know, we do Executive Assistance a bit differently at Headroom.

So this rebranding isn’t only about our logos and style. It’s about the role we see ourselves playing in unlocking the potential of ambitious C-suites and assistants, while transforming the (executive assistance) world: we’re not just saving time for our members, we’re helping them “unlock possibilities.”

Headroom’s secret sauce

We make knowledge-sharing & team-work easy

Welcome to the back-end of Headroom, where the magic happens.

Do you know the struggle of relying completely on one single person, for all the important stuff?

We fixed that.

With Headroom you’re getting more than just an extra set of hands, you’re getting an EA team dedicated to crushing your task list. How?

We developed the world’s 1st software for EAs to manage their work load, train and work together effectively as a team. The results? Better, faster and more streamlined work. Plus, the possibility of tracking tasks, time and output and sharing useful information and insights internally in a seamless way.

Mock-up of Headroom software: dashboard with calendar and task cards in various colour. Text: Our EA software safely stores our members' profiles with their goals tasks and related preferences. So nothing falls through the cracks if one of our EAs needs to take over.

We learn and grow together

And what about education, training, managing and personal development?

We’re all about unlocking long-term growth, both for our members and our team. Based on years of experience, shared knowledge and best-practices, we created an online Academy with 25 learning journeys for our EAs to choose from. We’re also very much against working alone and in silos, so we created EA squads and trained coaches to help our assistants grow in their role and career.

Quote from male Headroom EA: "Working for headroom means growing with and learning from many different members and ea colleagues. i find it very educational and empowering."

How do you feel about our rebranding and vision? We think it’s pretty sleek and reflect our mission of empowering entrepreneurs and assistants, one task at a time.

But let us know your thoughts!

So what’s next?

  • Building a community. Not only do we want to give you the best executive assistance service. We also want to help you connect with fellow entrepreneurs (and assistants) and get inspired by each others’ experiences. Shining the spotlight on our members, an sharing the insights and best-practices of our assistants will be a big goal for us this year.
  • Advancing tools & tech. we strive to stay agile while growing, and keep experimenting with new tools and technologies. So we are taking our own task management software to the next level. In this way, our assistants can keep providing the top-notch service that Headroom is famous for.
  • Nurturing an open culture. We pride ourselves of being a human-centric business, and we need to hold ourselves accountable for it. From nurturing an inclusive company culture to de-stigmatizing the role of assistants, our People team is working hard on making sure that team members and customers from all walks of life feel valued and empowered.

We’re very excited about the year ahead of us and the opportunities we will unlock for our team and our members. Stay tuned!

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