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HR hoofdpijn is verleden tijd met een remote EA, getraind en in dienst bij Headroom

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Ontdek hoe Headroom Assistance verschilt van traditionele EA bureaus

Headroom Executive Assistance Agency
Headroom Executive Assistance Agency

Plug & Play

Wij verlossen je van HR hoofdpijn: meld je aan voor één van onze maandelijkse, flexibele lidmaatschappen van onze Executive Assistance service op afstand. Wij hebben onze EAs in dienst, trainen en managen ze. Zo hoef je deze niet zelf in te huren of op uw loonlijst te zetten. Plug in and start playing, wij doen de rest.



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Deskundige Executive Assistants

Ontgrendel productiviteit: in plaats van één enkele Executive Assistants om je te helpen, krijgt je een toegewijd team van goed opgeleide Executive Assistants, die tot 25% sneller zijn dan traditioneel opgeleide EAs. Dit betekent dat er meer taken per uur worden voltooid en jouw leven gemakkelijker wordt.

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Continue ondersteuning vanuit de EU en de VS

Mis nooit meer belangrijke zaken: dankzij onze eigen taakbeheersoftware zorgen we ervoor dat to do’s altijd worden afgehandeld, zelfs wanneer jouw primary EA afwezig is. Begin je je week in New York en eindig je in Parijs? Dan zal je EA-team zich aanpassen aan je regio en tijdzone.



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Exclusieve toegang

Leden van Headroom hebben toegang tot een netwerk van zeer succesvolle ondernemers en C-suites die op zoek zijn naar nieuwe mogelijkheden en het bouwen van connecties.

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Krijg toegang tot de expertise van ons EA-team

Ons netwerk van deskundige EAs maakt gebruik van ons eigen platform waarmee zij op een veilige manier kennis met elkaar kunnen delen.

Dit betekent dat ze altijd het antwoord weten en dat je taken zorgvuldiger en efficiënter uitvoert.

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Ons geheime recept

We doen dit al 10 jaar, dus we zijn hier heel goed in!

‘s Werelds eerste platform voor Executive Assistants is door ons gecreëerd om ze zo naar het volgende niveau te helpen.

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"Not having to deal with personal to do's was a real stress relief for me. Headroom helps me take time for myself and unwind without worrying about these things, or focus on work-related stuff that actually drives my company forward.” Miheer | CEO en co-founder LiveLike

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Joining Headroom

Headroom is a global, exclusive EA platform for ambitious and diverse members to grow, connect, have fun, and make an impact. From the beginning, and throughout our 10-year history, our EAs and members have always been at the heart of everything we do.

If you would like your brand to be part of our member benefits offering, you can contact [email protected] to discuss your options.

If you don’t have an EA, you are an EA.

While you could spend your time on growth and leadership, you are busy scrolling through your inbox, meetings, flights, processing receipts and getting the Board together for a meeting.

You can probably do all these jobs well, but isn’t it better to focus on growing yourself and your business? We believe that you should focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

On top of that, compare your hourly rate with ours.

Tony Robbins said “I don’t do anything that someone else can do better, and I don’t do anything that isn’t the highest and best use of my time” and we at Headroom could not agree more.

Flexibility & Education is becoming increasingly important for companies and teams. Headroom helps with that.

Hiring a traditional, in-house assistant takes time, effort – and money. Plus, what happens when your assistant is sick or on holiday?

Your HR team might spend weeks hiring, on-boarding and managing.

Or you could simply subscribe to Headroom.

Since 2012, we have specialized in premium remote Executive Assistance. This means that we take care of the hiring, training and managing the best EAs. So you can hit the ground running with your EA team in no time.
As a Headroom Member you’re getting more than just an extra set of hands: you’re getting our whole team dedicated to crushing your task list.

Our EAs use our proprietary software to manage their work-load and securely share knowledge and efficiently hand over tasks with each other. This means that if your primary EA is sick or on vacation, we always got you covered without compromising on quality.

Last but not least, Headroom EAs are our employees, not contractors. We work together and grow together as part of a dynamic, empowering company culture.

Welcome to the future (of work)!

After you apply for one of our Memberships, our Sales agent will contact you within 24 hours to understand your needs and expectations. If there is a good fit, together you will choose a start date and plan a Deep Dive with your EA.

During the Deep Dive you will meet your EA team and discuss your tasks, preferences and goals. You do not have to prepare anything for this, your EA will guide you through it.

After the Deep Dive we will activate your profile and start assisting you!

You will receive a daily task overview, plus a weekly video call to review the upcoming week, to-do’s and planning. Our support team is always at hand for any feedback or questions you might have.

Headroom executive assistants

At Headroom, we are revolutionizing the world of EAs by overcoming its single point of failure: relying on one dedicated assistant, rather than a team.

That’s why we don’t assign you only one assistant, but we match you carefully with a team of EAs to support you.

With our best-in-class continuous executive assistance, we ensure a consistent quality of service. We never leave you uncovered, we always have someone who is familiar with your work style and needs who will step in and pick up your to-do list when your primary EA is away.

We are all about ongoing learning and continuous growth.

Our Headroom assistants go through an intensive training program and have access to personalized learning journeys, tailored to their level of experience and career ambitions.

We guide you through the on-boarding and set-up process and take note of your preferences and ways of working. You do not need to prepare anything for this.

Your assistant will pick up a new task within four hours. You will also get back what the status is and expected completion date. A task will never be outstanding for more than three days.

Is it a priority? We’ll pick it up immediately. Just give us a call so we can prioritise your request.

You can reach us between 09:00 and 18:00 hours Monday-Friday.

In case of an urgent issue you can contact us outside these times. You can always send a message to your EA outside of office hours. They will pick it up the next working day.

Pricing and Data

We have three types of Memberships. Find out which one is right for you.

Our Corporate Membership is a perfect fit to allow more headroom for your entire Leadership Team and unlock their potential. Discover more.

Our Enterprise Membership the best fit for companies looking for a total Strategic Business Partner solution for their PA needs. This tailor-made plan starts from 25 seats. Interested? Just email [email protected] and we will connect you with one of our dedicated Account Managers. Discover more.

Our Business Membership is best suited for (Tech) Entrepreneurs looking for more headroom for themselves. 1 seat only. Discover more.

Exclusive use per Membership seat. Each Membership seat is just for you, but if someone in your company would like to join, you can upgrade your individual Business membership to a Corporate one.

Your company’s membership renews automatically on a monthly rolling basis, subject to Headroom’s terms and conditions.

If you need to change your membership or payment method, please contact us at [email protected] or via +1 888 246 6617 to discuss your options.

We meet the most stringent requirements of the GDPR regulations and legislation both in Europe and in the US. This allows us to also assist publicly-traded companies.

We process your data via end-to-end encryption, 2-way verification log-ins and activate an account via your company’s infrastructure. So you stay in control.

For passwords and other sensitive information, we use a secure sharing and storing password manager. This way, your data is protected at all times. In addition, all our EAs sign an NDA and agree to background checks.

We are very proud of our member community and we thoroughly process every membership application to see if there is a good value fit.

If you have colleagues, friends or peers who would like to apply for membership, they can add your name and email address to the contact form. We’ll be in touch to confirm we have received their application and take your recommendation in consideration.

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Neem vandaag nog contact op en ontdek hoe Headroom je leven makkelijker kan maken.

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