Customer story | How a founder refocused with Headroom Assistants
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How a hands-on founder refocused her priorities with Headroom Executive Assistants

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The Challenge

  • Co-founder of HR & recruitment company expanding across Europe
  • Involved in operations and account management
  • Received hundreds of emails and didn’t have a system to filter inbox
  • Needed a new inbox structure to keep a good overview and cut through the noise

How Headroom helped:

  • Restructured inbox folder system for better overview
  • Deleted and archived all unnecessary inbox sub-folders and reduced the number of automatic emails received
  • EA becomes gatekeeper and regularly reviews priorities with Denise to ensure she has time to focus on leadership and delegate the rest


The Key Results

  • Denise doesn’t have to deal with more than 30 emails at a time
  • She can focus on relationship building and stakeholder management
  • She has more time to focus on her team, as they open up more offices
  • She has enough time to spend with her new family
  • She’s earning back 20 hours a month
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The Challenge:

Denise co-founded a successful HR and recruitment company. She’s very involved in the operational side of the business and is the face of the company with clients and stakeholders. This means she gets lots and lots of emails, automatic notifications and updates every day.

After her maternity leave, Denise had 9+ months worth of unread emails sitting in her inbox and needed to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, she had ambitious plans to expand the business to two new European markets. And all of this while keeping a good work-life balance to be with her newborn.

Until then, Denise used 30+ folders in her inbox to try and categorize all incoming emails. But that failed to give her a simple, actionable overview.

So, how to find a better way to manage her inbox and cut through the noise, while staying involved with the day-to-day of the company?

How we helped Denise focus on the important stuff, not the fluff

After our Deep dive between Denise and her primary Headroom EA, we understood that the keyword here was prioritization. So that’s what we focused on.

First of all, her EA mapped all the types of emails Jane received – from customers’ emails to board members’, newsletter and event invites, partnership and media coverage requests, team performance updates etc.

Then, we took away all the unnecessary folders from her inbox and reduced the number of automatic emails she was receiving.

On the long term, it was also very important for us to help Denise let go of the urgency to do it all by herself. As a company leader, she needed time to focus on vision and leadership and delegate the rest.

That’s why every few months her Headroom EA sits down to discuss how to work together more efficiently.

On top of this, we took over many other work-related and personal tasks:

  • Organizing trips and dinners for the team when they hit company targets
  • Arranging moving out and in of her new house
  • Planning and organizing holidays and personal commitments
  • Scheduling appointments

Overall, anything that you can do for an executive, we do it for Denise.

The results: simpler workflow, better focus

Together, we created a successful and simplified workflow for inbox management that lets Denise be on top of everything that happens across her company, without having to be looped into every single email and notification. Her success speaks for herself, as the company is now fully operating in two new European markets.

But the ultimate achievement for us is guarding Denise’s calendar so she always has enough time to spend with her baby.

We’re still working side-by-side with Denise and other C-suite at his company to improve processes and keep giving her time back. That’s because we like to be proactive and believe there are always more possibilities we can unlock together.

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